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About Us
Established in 2005, Dakang Pharmaceuticals dedicates itself to custom synthesis, research and development of new pharmaceutical products and preparation of active pharmaceutical intermediates. Up to now, it has developed more than fifty drugs and intermediates including argatroban, voglibose, metolazone, celiprolol, trazodone, organoboroic acid, trifluoromethyl- benzene, pyridine derivatives and some carbohydrates.

It has a synthesis factory with cutting-edge equipments and boasts a productive capacity of more than 600 metric tons. This enables it to meet the special requirements of our customers and provide products of high quality at competitive prices. In addition to existing customers in China, it has extended its sales and services into the United States, South Korea and Europe. The keys to our success at Dakang Pharm are our technical skills, motivation, and commitment to quality and our prompt and efficient response to the needs of our customers.